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The Advantages of Renting Corporate Housing in South Beach, San Francisco

Traveling for business can get tiresome. When your company has you staying in cities for just a few months at a time, you might become very familiar with the inner workings of a few major hotel chains. While hotel living does have its perks, such as daily housekeeping, it can make you feel somewhat adrift. That’s why corporate housing in South Beach, San Francisco is so appealing to so many business people.

Location, Location, Location

It’s no secret that San Francisco is one of the priciest places to live in the United States. A company that’s sending employees to live and work in San Francisco is going to want to find ways to reduce costs whenever they can.

One option is to pick a corporate apartment in a convenient location instead of picking a hotel. While the cost of living might be higher in a prime area of the city, the easy access to the SF airport and public transit options make it worth it. Plus, it’s typically more cost effective to rent an apartment in a bustling, popular area than it is to book a hotel room for several months.

Available Amenities

When picking corporate housing, you want to be able to easily combine work-related needs and the comforts of home. For example, an apartment that offers a full kitchen is a must. You also want a place that has laundry units so that you don’t have to make late night runs to the laundromat or worry that your favorite shirt won’t be clean in time for a big presentation.

Although you might not want to bring too much work home with you, finding a place that offers conference rooms for hosting meetings with clients or for doing some remote work can be ideal. WiFi or Internet access throughout the premises is also a great perk of living in corporate housing.

Security Concerns

Another major reason to go for a corporate apartment over a hotel or an AirBnB rental is the extra layer of security. Although it might not be your furniture in the apartment, odds are you will bring some valuables with you that you want to protect. Apartments with controlled access don’t allow just anyone to wander in, and you won’t have to worry about sharing your living space with strangers, as you might in an AirBnB situation.

Nearby Conveniences

Along with being easy to access by plane, train, and automobile, corporate housing in San Francisco also happens to be close to pretty much any modern convenience you might need. South Beach Marina is located near the Embarcadero, which also happens to include a variety of shops, restaurants, and even an ice skating rink that’s open during the winter holiday season. Whether you’re looking for a place to bring a client for dinner, need some new clothing, or are looking for a fun way to spend your day off, you’ll find it nearby.