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Treat Yourself to a Day of Shopping in South Beach

Access to tons of shopping is one of the best parts of living in San Francisco, CA, particularly South Beach. In years past, the neighborhood was marked mostly by abandoned warehouses next the waterfront and, as a result, the community languished. You wouldn’t know that today, though. Thanks to the city’s revitalization efforts and the countless stores, boutiques, and shopping centers that have moved in, the neighborhood has quickly grown into a chic and trendy area that is blazing a trail for the rest of San Francisco to follow. If you are new to South Beach, checking out some of the best local shopping is a great way to learn about the area and support your community’s economy. Use this guide to plan your first shopping day in South Beach.

“Centre” of Town

One popular shopping destination that has a lot to offer while you’re living in South Beach, San Francisco is Westfield San Francisco Centre, located on Market Street. With nine stories, the upscale mall is home to more than 170 shops and restaurants, including Abercrombie & Fitch, BOSE, and the San Francisco Luggage Company. Westfield offers many amenities to ensure you have an easy and comfortable shopping experience, including free Wi-Fi, a charging station for your devices, and valet parking. When you’re standing in the middle of the Centre’s dome-covered atrium and enjoying the gorgeous views of Westfield, you’ll probably be all the more excited to begin shopping.

Enjoy the Outdoors

Devoting an entire day to shopping doesn’t mean you have to stay inside the whole time. Plan your next shopping excursion at Union Square for a day filled with fresh air and great deals. The historic public plaza was founded in the 1850s and it has been an integral piece of San Francisco’s landscape ever since. It is an official Historical Landmark of California because of the pro-Union rallies that it held at the beginning of the Civil War. Those rallies are also the source of the plaza’s name. Today, the square is a beautiful space that plays host to popular big-name stores, including Macy’s, the General Nutrition Center, and Sephora.

Keep Up the Beat

No South Beach, San Francisco shopping experience would be complete without a stop at one of the area’s most iconic shops, City Lights. Steeped in local history, City Lights is perhaps one of the greatest independent bookstores in the entire region. Founded in 1953, the store was a popular hangout for beatniks and other literary-minded people during the ‘50s and ‘60s. The store was a well-known resource for rare and alternative books, but it was also a publishing house for works with progressive ideals. Today, the “Literary Landmark” remains a popular local spot for bookworms to read up on their interests and then discuss them among peers. Come by City Lights today and stick your nose in a good book.

You’ll quickly discover that there’s something for everyone when you embark on a shopping trip in your vibrant neighborhood. Which of these top shopping venues do you plan to visit first?